A target is a resource that represents a networked service with an associated set of permissions a user can connect to and interact with through Boundary by way of a session. A target can only be defined within a project. A target can contain references to host sets from host catalogs which belong to the same project as the target. A target can contain references to credential libraries from credential stores which belong to the same project as the target. A user can establish a session with a host in any host set referenced by the target if the user has been assigned a role with the authorize-session permission for the target.


A target has the following configurable attributes:

»TCP Target Attributes

TCP targets have the following additional attributes:

  • default_port - (optional) A TCP port number. Boundary will use the default_port when connecting to a host in the target if the user does not specify a different port when establishing the session.

  • session_max_seconds - (required) The maximum duration of an individual session between the user and the target. All connections for a session are closed and the session is terminated when a session reaches the maximum duration. The default is 8 hours (28800 seconds). Must be greater than 0.

  • session_connection_limit - (required) The cumulative number of TCP connections allowed during a session. The default is 1. -1 means no limit. The value must be greater than 0 or -1.

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