Simple and secure remote access

Access any system from anywhere based on user identity.

Open Source

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Download the open source Boundary binary and run locally within your environments.


Managed Boundary

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Identity-based access

Boundary provides access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations without managing credentials or exposing your network.

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  • Authenticate & authorize

    Authenticate with any trusted identity provider you are already using and authorize access based on granular, logical roles and services.

  • Connect

    Manage dynamic infrastructure and integrate service registries so hosts and service catalogs are kept up-to-date.

  • Access

    Reduce risk of leaking credentials with dynamic secrets and just-in-time credentials. Automate credential brokering to securely access services and hosts with HashiCorp Vault.

How Boundary works

Boundary is a secure remote access solution that provides an easy way to allow access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations based on trusted identities across clouds, local data centers, low-trust networks.

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Armon Dadgar

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Boundary automates secure identity-based user access to hosts and services across environments.