»Boundary v0.4.0

The release notes below contain information about new functionality available in Boundary v0.4.0. To see a granular record of when each item was merged into the Boundary project, please refer to the Changelog. To learn about what Boundary consists of, we highly recommend you start at the Getting Started Page.

Lastly, for instructions on how to upgrade an existing Boundary deployment to v0.4.0, please review Boundary’s general upgrade guide.

»Boundary v0.4.0 Highlights

Session Credential Brokering: Boundary 0.4, adds a Vault integration for the brokering of Vault secrets to Boundary clients (both command line and desktop clients) for use in Boundary sessions. Brokering of Vault secrets is the foundation of Boundary’s larger credential-management story for seamless single sign-on to infrastructure targets. This feature introduces new Boundary resources - credential stores, credential libraries, and credentials - to support binding credentials with user sessions, as well as surfacing those credentials during session initialization on the command line and in Boundary Desktop.

boundary connect Credential Brokering Integration: Additionally, we have started integration into the boundary connect helpers, starting in this release with the Postgres helper; if the credential contains a username/password and boundary connect postgres is the helper being used, the command will automatically pass the credentials to the psql process.

Session Security Improvements: Boundary workers will now close any existing proxy connections they're handling when they cannot make a status request to the worker. The timeout for this behavior is currenly 15 seconds.

»What's Changed

For more detailed information of all changes since 0.3.0, please refer to the Changelog