A session is a set of related connections between a user and a host. A user initiates a session by requesting access to a target. If a user has the proper permissions, a session is created and the expiration time and connection limit are set based on the target's attributes. A snapshot of the data relevant to authorizing the session is also captured and stored in the Boundary data warehouse when the session is created.

Sessions are created in the project of the corresponding target. Deleting a project will terminate all of the active sessions in the project but will not effect any session data in the data warehouse. Historical data in the data warehouse is never deleted.


A session is forcefully terminated when one of the following occurs:

In addition to the above, a session terminates non-forcefully when the user closes all connections and no additional connections are allowed because of a connection limit.

Permissions are only evaluated at session establishment. Changes to a user's permissions do not effect existing sessions.

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